Toychamp TV Commercial

VFX - Video Production - Editing - Music Production - Song Writing - Acting - Script Writing - Post Production
Our mascot, Champy, who everyone loves, was really brought to life by the skills of this team!

Experience the magic of ToyChamp as their toys come to life in the 2023 commercial. Join Champy, the playful mascot, on a journey through the bustling shelves and shops within the store. Laugh, have fun and discover what makes ToyChamp the ultimate toy store destination. When ToyChamp approached us for their latest commercial, they challenged us to show what Toychamp stands for and to create something magical within a tight timeline.

We at Skunx Studios were up for the challenge and produced a one-of-a-kind 30-second commercial, complete with a custom melody and multiple 3D characters. See how we brought our vision to life and conquered the challenge of a short timeline in this commercial that aired on Dutch television (NPO) and in all Dutch cinemas!