World of Tanks Sponsor Collaboration

VFX - Video Production - Editing - Music Production - Sound Design - Acting - Script Writing - Post Production
Bringing the World of Tanks to life, Skunx Studios produced a commercial for the popular game.

Hold onto your helmets, tank commanders, because Skunx Studios is teaming up with the explosive gaming sensation, World of Tanks! Get ready to buckle up and brace yourselves, because we're about to catapult your gaming experience to heart-pounding, mind-blasting heights! Let the gaming extravaganza begin!

Picture this: an epic clash of worlds, where Skunx Studios merges with the awe-inspiring universe of World of Tanks. Our team was entrusted with the monumental task of creating an adrenaline-pumping live action commercial for this gaming giant, set to premiere exclusively on our YouTube channel. The challenge? Blending their immersive realm seamlessly with ours while captivating a massive audience for maximum promotion. Sooo, what are you waiting for? Let's work together!