CatNap YouTube Viral

YouTube Viral - VFX - Video Production - Editing - Music Production - Sound Design - Acting - Script Writing - Post Production
A family's battle over a child's toy spirals into a surreal journey of love, loss, and mysterious redemption.

Embarking on a playful quest to animate 'CatNap' from 'Poppy Playtime: Chapter 3', our merry band of 3D artists and film magicians sprinkled their creative pixie dust, transforming a simple task into an explosion of color and life.

In just two weeks, a compact crew of four artists were tasked to tackle the colossal challenge of turning tight deadlines into a playground of innovation. Our fusion of rapid creativity and technical abilities not only brought this beloved character to life but also captivated over 15 million viewers on YouTube, and still going. This journey underlines the remarkable potential of small teams to make big waves in the creative world. Inspired by our success? Let's collaborate and unleash more extraordinary projects!